Thursday, 13 December 2007

New ! Scaramouche 54mm July/Aug.2007

Scaramouche Movie scene
Totally scratchbuilt 54mm

Okay, this was something that Marion had wanted to do for some time, something that fully brought the third dimension into play , what better way to do that than have everything up in the air ..with as little "contact" to the ground as possible.
She also wanted to do something that used the idea of the base being simply the setting , or stage to a the same time , she was looking for an idea from old movies .

This ended up in fullflling all those criteria and more :) a good dose of old fashioned buckling of swash !

At the very least it was a lot of fun to do and work out how things should go together without involving the making of a full audience & props .
The idea came about from a visit to New York , where we visited a shop that speciaises in old Movie posters and stills ( so many posters & files of stills to look through you could end up staying there for days to search through everything ).
The photo's that this is based on were simply among the first that we looked at , and kept going back to .
Anyway, it's fun to do something different now and again :)

We looked for colour pictures or stills of the scene , and went as far as to order the film ...( it never came) but couldn't find any good ones , so went with what we liked as far as the colouring and feel of the piece, so the good old movie "law" of bad guy wearing black & good guy wearing white seemed very appropriate.....