Thursday, 13 December 2007

New ! Chevalier bust 200mm Oct./Nov.2007

200 mm bust

  • Totally scratchbuilt

  • Playing around with putty making a bust.....not sure what to make it into ....

  • Finally it got to the stage where it had to be something other than a piece I was messing around with .

  • I remebered some photo's that we had been sent of a re-enactor dressed up in his finery as an officer form the 30 years war , and decided that that would be fun to do ..

  • The details are from his dress( which was very well researched) ..the colouring for the bust however was Marions idea as the re-enactor basically had black clothing with white shirt.......very stark.

  • We had this green colour of uniform and beige hat being worn by a similar figure that we had done based on a Rousselot plate so were happy that it was accurate .
Thats the simple story of how this one came about ....nothing pre planned about it at all.